50% OFF Replacement Brush Heads



We want you to feel peace about enjoying the convenience of subscription brush heads. Aside from the savings of subscribing, the greatest benefit is simple: you're getting the most value out of our toothbrush by making sure your brush heads are changed in a timely manner. In order to receive the true benefits of your electric ultrasonic toothbrush you need to replace your brush head every 30 to 60 days. The quality of your brushing experience is directly related to the quality of your brush head. 

Common questions about our subscription service are answered below.

Can I purchase a pack of replacement brush heads without being on subscription?
  • YES
    Will I save money if I choose to receive my brush heads with the subscription program?
    • YES Subscribe & Save 50% on your brush head subscription orders.
    • FREE SHIPPING is also applicable for subscription orders.
    Can I cancel my subscription at any time? 
    • YES. You control your orders. You can pause, change the frequency, skip, or cancel your subscription up to one business day before your next order processes. 
    • NOTE: Changes to your subscription made within 48 hours of your next order does not guarantee your order will not still ship. We want to keep you as a customer. If we can stop your order before it is processed that is our preference too. After all, we'd rather you pause your order and remain active than cancel out of frustration. With that in mind, please note our shipping and fulfillment department will most likely be able to intercept your order - but occasionally this is not possible. If your order ships within 48 hours of processing the subscription change and you would still like a refund please contact us. You will need to cover return shipping and the brush heads must be unopened and unused. 
    How do I edit my subscription? 
    • Login to www.diamondoralcare.com. 
    • From there you can edit your subscription details. 

    Do you still need assistance? We'd love to help! Contact us HERE.