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LumaSonic™ Teeth Whitening System
LumaSonic™ Teeth Whitening System
LumaSonic™ Teeth Whitening System

LumaSonic™ Teeth Whitening System

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A completely new approach to teeth whitening. 

The LumaSonic™ Teeth Whitening system generates 16,000 pulses per minute, delivering our signature formula to the deepest intrinsic stains. Other teeth whitening systems only whiten the top layer of your enamel.

The LumaSonic™ whitens beyond the surface layer of your enamel to deliver visible results immediately. 

Say NO to poor fitting, leaking trays!

The LumaSonic™ Teeth Whitening system is the only system that combines the power of ultrasonic technology with the superior whitening power of carbamide peroxide to safely whiten your teeth without the damaging effects of hydrogen peroxide: hypersensitivity and tooth dehydration. In fact, our exclusive carbamide formula even helps prevent tooth decay. We’ve also combined our professional strength carbamide peroxide formula with potassium nitrate to eliminate or dramatically reduce sensitivity during and after your teeth whitening session.

Our signature gel formula works in synergy with our ultrasonic LED teeth cradle to provide safe and professional teeth whitening results in your own home. The LumaSonic™ cradle is different from normal teeth whitening trays.

  • Removable silicone cradle cover is washable.
  • Silicone "fingers" grip your teeth to prevent the cradle from slipping.
  • Gel seepage significantly reduced, and gel stays in contact with the teeth.
  • The cradle separates the teeth from the interior gum line.
  • Each session runs 10 minutes. Up to 60 minutes may be done at once without reapplying gel.

*Wait 24 hours before repeating. If you experience sensitivity do not repeat a session until your discomfort subsides. Veneers, bonding, and crowns DO NOT whiten. However, natural tooth enamel will whiten to the shade of your veneers or crowns. Bonding can yellow over time to a shade darker than your natural teeth.